About Us

Providing quality maritime training and globally recognized certifications

Tetra Foundation is a charity with a focus on developing the largest technically skilled employment vertical in Nigeria.

Through ship crewing, we plan to create a maritime economy that has the potential to transform Nigeria into an important global maritime player.

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Our motives are driven by 4 major issues


Nigeria is one of the world’s fastest growing nations with a largely underproductive youth population.

Under-skilled Population

Nigeria lacks an industry vertical that creates significant skilled jobs for the future. This has a negative effect on the GDP per capita now and in the future.

Low GDP Per Capita

With a GDP per capita of $2,085, Nigeria’s economic potential is constrained by many structural issues, including inadequate infrastructure, obstacles to investment, currency devaluation, inflation and limited foreign exchange capacity.

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Global Perception

As a third-world country, there is a need to foster economic development by identifying areas of excellence that can promote growth. This will help to improve the world’s perception of the country as a developing nation.

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Our Misson

“To create a technically skilled high earning youth workforce with high employability in Nigeria.”

Tetra Foundation aims to unlock the Nigerian youth’s potential in the shipping industry through crewing. This is because crewing provides the required human capital and serves as a crucial base for the global shipping industry, constantly growing in demand for seafarers.

To achieve this, we will create holistic schemes like the Seafarers Program which offers maritime scholarship and training programs to the Nigerian youth. This will facilitate their potential in the maritime sector and promote the development of the nation’s shipping hub ultimately leading to large-scale skilled employment.

The Three Pillars

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Crewing will form the base for the creation of a maritime hub in Nigeria.

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Crewing will create scalable, highly technical employment with strong adaptable skills.

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Crewing ranks amongst the highest large employers globally.

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