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At the forefront of providing specialized and quality maritime education

In the next two decades, Tetra Foundation envisions being at the forefront of providing specialized and quality maritime education to Nigerian seafarers, thereby, producing highly-skilled and well-paid maritime professionals. By 2042, Tetra Foundation’s Seafarers Programme is projected to have empowered 5,000 Nigerian seafarers and consequently lifted over 3,000 Nigerian seafarers into the middle-class population in Nigeria.

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Vision: To be recognized as the premier indigenous maritime organization for creating the largest skilled workforce in the middle-class population, first in Nigeria and then the world.

Mission: To empower and equip Nigerian seafarers by providing education and networks for professional advancement.

Values: Excellence and synergy.

The Seafarers' Programme

The Seafarers Program is a scheme that targets the issue of youth unemployment in Nigeria by providing quality maritime training, sea-time experience, and globally recognized certifications to Nigerian youths between the age of 15-25 years. Through this intervention, the Foundation aims to build a skilled high-earning workforce poised to support the growing in-country marine infrastructure and investments, while contributing to the global seafarer’s supply — currently experiencing a NET shortage.

The program aims to build well-trained and culturally diverse Nigerian seafarers through effective local and global partnerships that will support its objectives through fundraising and the provision of sea-time placement.

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