Seafarers' Programme

Providing quality maritime training and globally recognized certifications to Nigerian Youth

The Seafarers Program is a scheme that targets the issue of youth unemployment in Nigeria by providing quality maritime training, sea-time experience and globally recognized certifications. Through this intervention, the Foundation aims to build a skilled high-earning workforce poised to support the growing in-country marine infrastructure and investments, while contributing to the global seafarer’s supply — currently experiencing a NET shortage.

Seafarers' Programme

Why Nigeria?

Young & Agile English-Speaking Population – Nigeria is one of the largest English-speaking populations on five continents. The nation has a youth demography that represents about 42% of its total population as of 2022 (under 15y/o), which is expected to increase by about 18% in 2050 (making up over 50% of the total population).

Coastal Nation – As Nigeria experiences increases in its maritime infrastructure, especially with the development of the Lekki deepsea port project, Dangote Lekki seaport and Single Buoy Moor (SBM) feeding the 650,000 barrels per day Africa’s largest refinery, Badagry seaport project, seaport railway lines as well as other major global maritime infrastructure developments, there will be more opportunities available for qualified seafarers.

Large economy – Nigeria is home to over 218 million people as of 2022, with an annual population growth rate of 2.61%.  By 2040, this population is expected to increase by 47%, which is an additional increase of 102 million individuals (National Bureau of Statistics).

Programme Objectives

  • Creating skilled manpower.
  • Meeting up with the global demand & supply of officers​​.
  • Sensitization on the opportunities in the maritime sector.
  • Promoting cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

Programme Goals

  • Establish a sustainable ecosystem and partnerships with over 50 key players and stakeholders in the global maritime sector by 2027.
  • Fundraise over 52 million dollars to provide scholarships for 350 Nigerian seafarers by 2027 in selected maritime academies abroad.
  • Provide 6-18 months of sea-time experience to trained seafarers on international vessels.
  • Create a globally certified workforce of seafarers by providing them access to undertake CoC exams.

Programme Structure

The program aims to build well-trained and culturally diverse Nigerian seafarers through effective partnerships that will foster training in maritime academies, provide sea-time experience, and acquire a Certificate of Competency (CoC).

Maritime Training

Tetra Foundation will partner with international Maritime Training Institutes to provide our selected candidates with training in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering.

Sea-time experience

The Foundation would also partner with ship owners and ship managers to provide berths on ocean-going vessels as required for their Certificate of Competency (CoC).

Certificate of Competency

Through a structured post-sea preparatory class with approved maritime academies, Tetra Foundation will prepare selected candidates for their Certificate of Competency (CoC) examination.

Field of Study

The foundation will sponsor students that have a keen interest in studying;

  • Nautical Science
  • Marine Engineering

Scholarship Package

If you are looking for a career at sea, this is the right choice for you.

The scholarship package includes the following:

  1. Tuition fees.
  2. Travel expense.
  3. Accommodation and feeding.
  4. Stipends.
  5. Global exposure to sea time experience.
  6. Internationally recognised Certificate of Competency (CoC).

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, you must:

  1. Be between the ages of 16-20.
  2. Have a keen interest in being a marine engineer or a deck officer.
  3. Have a minimum of C4 in English in WASSCE.
  4. Have a minimum of B3 in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in WASSCE.
  5. Have perfect eyesight without colour blindness.

Applications being accepted online